Machine Preparation

When a machine comes back in from rental it undergoes a series of checks, or Machine Preparation. These checks are done to ensure the quality and operation before it goes out on the next rental.

  • Wash & Deep Clean
  • Check Operation
  • Replace Parts if Necessary
  • Perform Electrial Test – if applicable
  • Perform Gas Test – if applicable
  • Final Clean
  • Wrap For Next Hire

This is a machine we recently got back in from hire at a busy restaurant. As you can see the gass grill got a fairly hard rental period. It is covered in grease and grimen & needs a very deep clean.

When the machine is brought back it is booked onto our workshop repair system.  We can then track it’s progress through the system and know when it available for hire again.

The total turnaround time on each machine varies. It depends on the size of the machine and the work needing to be carried out on it.

The example Machine Preparation took about 1-2 hours to clean sufficiently and then about another 2 hours to make sure everything was working as it should. That final 2 hours also included the Gas Check.

Because of the work we do on these machines, and our expertise. We are confident that you will be happy with any machine that you rent from us.

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