Get The Party Started

When planning a party we understand that it can be a little hectic. We have put together a few Party hints & tips to help you get your Party Started. Royal Bar Hire are always on hand to give you the help and advice you need to make sure it is a party to remember.

Give your guests something to do!

It’s different strokes for different folks but one of the things that always strikes me is no matter where or when we have a family BBQ there is the one person that gravitates towards the centre of the cooking and stays there! I have been at a party with beer taps and they have been supervised by one or two of the guests. So there might be something that your guests would actually like to do and make their experience more enjoyable.

Get The Music Right!

Spend a little time putting your own Playlist together on Spotify or just pick from one of the many playlists that are already on the platform. Don’t worry if you don’t have WiFi available you can download the playlist and have it available offline. We might even suggest that you encourage the guests as they arrive to make a request that will be played later in the party.


No matter the party – lighting can make a huge difference. Some nice mood lighting in the garden as the evening draws in really does raise the ambience. Party Lighting is a new section that we will be introducing very soon.

Coat Space

It’s probably an old Irish thing where coats are flung over the banister rail or brought up the front bedroom for storage. But who really wants their precious overcoat being treated like that. Rent yourself a coat rail and hangers – you will then have plenty of space for coats and make the process of finding that coat a doddle when it becomes time to move the party on.

Ice Ice Baby!

You can NEVER have too much Ice! That is one of the reasons why we offer both a bulk bag and an Ice Machine as a rental option. They machines come big and small – perfect for whatever you need. Also bear in mind the use of a bottle fridge to keep those beers and soft drinks nice and cold.


When the time comes for everyone to go head off home have the name and number of a local TAXI firm handy so your guests are able to make their way home safely thanks to your forward planning.

We hope that we have given you some food for thought, however if you are looking for an actual caterer we can highly recommend JM FOODS of Navan. Just tell them Royal Bar sent you! for more updates and special offers!

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